Santa Rita Kulturbüro is a dedicated office of art professionals offering production support, theoretical and critical learning and conceptual counseling to visual artists and institutions.



Critical and curatorial texts

Website and portfolio strategies

Newsletter management

Public presentations training

Studio visits and guided art tour

Artistic project consultancy

Statement & Portfolio mentoring

Concept and facilitation for new art initiatives

Application writing

Artistic project assistance

Exhibition installing

Art shipping

Artwork archive

Skills workshops

Seminars & Lectures

Summer Academy


Santa Rita Kulturbüro was founded in 2020 by Paz Ponce Pérez-Bustamante, Daniela Labra and Cristina Moreno García.

After many years of experience in artist assistance, curating, teaching, editorial, critical writing and independent project management, we decided to gather our knowledge and resources to improve in self-organization, time management and cooperative skills, for us and for others.


Santa Rita Kulturbüro launches as a small-scale Helpdesk specialized in Berlin and Latin American art context, and it's based on a resourcing platform for visual artists and institutions.

As practicing independent art producers, we will focus on 1x1 sessions about chosen projects by joint visions, offering a personalized service on each particular case.

Santa Rita's iconography brings a reminiscence of our common latin baroque backgrounds with an enlighten pop aftertaste.

Professional freelancers are invited to participate in these perceptive, fertile and holy grounds, as external collaborators of Santa Rita Kulturbüro's professional network.

/*/ If you are a critical writer, translator, educator, videographer, photographer, graphic designer, web designer, 3D animator, sound technician, composer, carpenter, blacksmith, publisher, art handler..., don't hesitate to contact us for more information on how to get involved /*/